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Michael Jackson and Jermaine: A Part of Muslim History in America

June 29, 2009

Muslims have been in America since the time King rule of Mansa Musa of Timbuktu and the journey of his brother, AbuBakr II, in 1342.  Muslims have coming to the western hemisphere in waves of migrations, before Columbus, with Columbus as captains were Muslim, Martin Alonzo Pinzon (Captain of the Pinta) and  his brother Vicente Yanex Pinson(captain of the Nina).  Come and visit these extraordinary of the history of Muslims in America.

CSAM’s America’s Islamic Heritage Museum:  See the American Islamic Story June 29th – July 7th At The Historical Society of Washington, DC The exhibit “Forgotten Roots: Muslims in Early America,” highlights America’s Islamic history in a powerful and insightful exhibit. The exhibit validates the Muslim early presence in America from the 1600s to 1900s. Forgotten Roots: Muslims in Early America, will be on display at the Historical Society of Washington, DC at 801 K Street NW, Washington, DC from June 26th – July 7th open to the public 10:00am –5:00pm Monday – Saturday. There will be a daily exhibit discussion June 29th –July 7th from 2:00pm- 3:00pm.

On Friday, June 26 2009 – The Islamic Society of Boston opened its ISB Cultural Center and mosque in Roxbury (the neighborhood of Malcolm X).  Listen to the opening sermon (Khutbah) delivered by Imam Johari Abdul-Malik on Migrations of Muslims to America.

Jermaine and Michael are not the only pop stars of Islam check this out on Wikipedia.

Salaamu alaikum and Much Love!

Imam J.

Posted by Imam Johari Abdul-Malik


Imam Siraj wishes to attend the janazah prayer of Michael Jackson

June 28, 2009

imam-siraj-430x731-custom Today, I spoke to with Imam Siraj Wahhaj, the Amir of the Muslim Alliance in North America and one of the most prominent imams in the United States.  Imam Siraj sends his condolences to the family of Michael Jackson and well wishes to his family.

Yesterday, the Imam Siraj completed his last radiation treatment for prostate cancer (cancer 3X higher in African-Americans), yet expressed his eagerness to attend the janazah Muslims funeral service for Michael Jackson whenever it is held he said, “Even if I stand in the back, I want to be there”.

Someone asked me,  “Why are we making a big deal about it!”.  I say we are not making a BIG deal about it.  It is the right of a Muslim to receive condolences and we are doing that by the Prophet’s (pbuh) instruction independent of the faith of the deceased.  The burial of the dead is an obligation upon the living; it is called in Islamic terminology fard kifiyya (collective obligation).   No one can bury himself or herself; the living must bury the dead.

Imam Siraj Wahhaj, Muslim Alliance in North America

Imam Siraj Wahhaj, Muslim Alliance in North America

Is Michael Jackson a Muslim? Muslim means to follow the way of peace – Salaam=Islam.  To become a Muslim requires 2 steps, one who submits their will to the will of God, is easy to say and believe.  If you were in Bahrain sitting with some Muslims as Michael did!, your brother Jermaine has been a practicing Muslim for years, which he is! and you are asked do you believe in God (One God in Arabic=Allah) and you say YES (Step 1) and then you ask do you believe that God, The Almighty, sent guide and messengers, some that were mentioned in Books and others who are not mentioned and that (Step 2) Muhammad is a prophet?  If the answer is YES, then you are by definition a MUSLIM.  Many of us believe in that statement but don’t think of ourselves as Muslim.  This is because people get caught up in words and labels.  Imam Siraj has shared with me over the years that if someone believes in God and The Prophets including Muhammad, pbuh – leave the rest to God.

The WAY of Islam is not a way of dressing, or the religion of a language or a place of national origin.  There are many people around the world and in America who are “Muslim” who look very different from one another.  Allah- the word for God in Arabic from the scriptures will judge who was a good “Muslim”-follower of God’s way in peace, which was struggling to follow the WAY or who was only giving lip service.  Only God and time will tell………….

Allah says the Holy Qur’an Surat (8) Al-Anfal (Ayat) 53

‘…Allah will never change the condition of a people until they change what is in their (own) souls: and verily Allah is hears and knows all things.’

I’m looking at the man in the mirror…….

I’m asking him to change his ways….

no message could be any clearer….

if you want to make the world a better place

take a look at yourself and make a CHANGE

– Michael Jackson-Man in the Mirror)

Posted by Imam Johari Abdul-Malik


Imam Visits Michael Jackson’s Family to Discuss Funeral Arrangements

June 27, 2009

UPDATE: Many have asked concerning the below. I heard the report on CNN’s Wolf Blitzer’s show “The Situation Room”. He briefly mentioned it during the coverage of Michael Jackson.

Al-Hamdulillah, CNN reported that the Jackson family is meeting with an imam to make the funeral arrangements for the janazah (Muslim funeral prayer) for Michael Jackson. I pray that Allah will have mercy on his soul and grant the family some privacy as they make the plans for a Muslim funeral. I ask Muslims to reserve their judgement and pray for him and his family. Please send your condolences: .

I pray that Muslims will respond to this loss our brother in every loving way possible. I do not know when and were the prayers will be. I trust that the masjid that Jermaine Jackson attends will handle the prayers and preparation. The West Coast Muslims in LA and Imam Zaid Shaker or Sheikh Hamza are hopefully in the loop? May Allah help them. We have not had a major figure in the pop world pass away before Micheal Jackson. I pray that we will do our best and that Allah will have

Posted by Imam Johari Abdul-M



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